We are in the fifties. Each player is a travel agent and is in charge of taking a plane ride for 3 groups of passengers. The first to bring all travelers to their destination wins the game.




Gameboard with:

  • Fuel gauge (A) : turn the arrow to zero
  • 6 free seats in the airplane (B)
  • Customs office (C)
  • A number of flight connections with the fuel consumption per route (D).


Cardholders. Each player takes:

  • A cardholder and 3 groups of passengers (1, 2 and 3 persons) of the same color.


Cards with city names

  • 22 green boarding cards  (departure / 2 of each city)
  • 22 red destination cards (destination / 2 of each city)
  • 11 blue customs cards (customs / 1 of each city)

You make blind take-off stacks of these 3 types of cards with the city names facing down.



Each player takes 3 boarding cards and 3 destination cards and places them in the received order in his cardholder, as indicated in the illustration. So each player has to take a plane ride for each group.


  • On the cardholder itself you can see what trip is intended for each group.
  • If the boarding card and the destination card of a group of passengers mentions the same city, you replace both cards.

Distribute the blue customs cards randomly:

  • 2 players: 5 customs cards per holder
  • 3 players: 3 customs cards per holder


Per customs card holder only the city name of the first card is visible, exclusively for the player himself. The order of the cards may not be altered.

Miniature airplane

This plane will be placed on the game board on the city name, mentioned on the upper remaining customs card. Put it back in the box, together with the other remaining customs cards. You don’t need them anymore during this game.


2 dice discs




  • If a player has a green boarding card, with the city name where the plane is now, he can place the corresponding group of passengers on the free seats of the plane.
  • Take this boarding card from the holder and put it on a put-away stack.

All passengers travel along with the same plane. There are only 6 seats.

Determine freely who will start. Then you play clockwise.





1 Fueling, flying and landing (not mandatory)


  • Throw the dice discs, simultaneously and open handed, on the game board. The amount of eyes indicates how much fuel is left.(If desired, you can also use a regular dice.)
  • Add the fuel quantity to the fuel meter.
  • Throwing a 4 means you can add more fuel. The fuel tank has a maximum capacity of 12 liter.
  • Provided the plane has enough fuel, you can now fly to a city of your choice and land there.
  • You can pass cities and fly beyond. Fuel consumption will be added.
  • Stopovers are not allowed.
  • Fuel consumption is indicated on the fuel gauge.
  • Unused fuel remains in the tank and will be available for the next player.

Note :

  • You don’t necessarily have to do anything in the city you’re flying to. (see below)
  • You can take a detour or even fly back and forth on a route to consume excess fuel.
  • You may not have enough fuel and not be able to fly at all.

2. Ask loudly whether passengers should get out and/or board.

First, the passenger groups (of all players) who are already in the plane and who

have this city mentioned on their red destination card, disembark.


  • The travelers move to the customs office on the game board.
  • Put the red destination card on the discard pile.
  • Then, every player (starting with the first player and clockwise) makes sure that all passengers who have to take off in this city, are boarding.
  • Put the green boarding card on the discard pile.
  • Put the passengers on the free seats on the game board.
  • If necessary, allow the passengers to move a little bit to create space for those boarding.
  • If there is not enough space, your passengers will not be able to board anymore.

3. “customs cards” and last minute boarding.


A customs card stacked at the top of a players cardholder can be used when the plane has landed at the designated location. (Not required). This card can be used by the player to designate in the plane or customs office one passenger group of one opponent and to refuse their passport.

The affected player takes back his target passenger group.

  • removes the old destination card (if the passengers were still on the plane).
  • takes a new boarding and destination card for an entirely new journey for this group.


The customs card used is placed on the discard pile and can no longer be used during this game.


If using the customs card creates enough space in the airplane, you can still enter the plane:

  • if you couldn’t get in before due to lack of space
  • if you, as victim of the customs office, received a new boarding card of this city.

Now you are allowed to remove all passengers from the customs office. You can put them aside. Hurray, one trip completed. Now the next player can refuel.



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