The game box contains a booklet with the rules of the game

in Dutch, English, French and German.

I. The Assignment


We are in the fifties. Each player is a travel agent and is in charge of taking a plane ride for 4 groups of passengers. The first to bring all travelers to their destination wins the game.


II. Game material and preparation:


Gameboard with:

  • Fuel gauge (A) : turn the arrow to zero
  • 10 free seats in the airplane (B)
  • Customs office (C)
  • A number of flight connections with the fuel consumption per route (D).

Cardholders. Each player takes:

  • An oblong, colored cardholder and 4 groups of passengers (1, 2, 3 and 4 persons) of the same color.
  • Smaller cardholders for the customs cards
  •  2 or 3 players: 2 holders each
  •  4 to 6 players: 1 holder each


Cards with city names

  • 38 green boarding cards  (departure / 2 of each city)
  • 38 red destination cards (destination / 2 of each city)
  • 19 blue customs cards (customs / 1 of each city)

You make blind take-off stacks of these 3 types of cards with the city names facing down.


Each player takes 4 boarding cards and 4 destination cards and places them in the received order in his cardholder, as indicated in the illustration. So each player has to take a plane ride for each group.



  • On the cardholder itself you can see what trip is intended for each group.
  • If the boarding card and the destination card of a group of passengers mentions the same city, you replace both cards.


Distribute the blue customs cards randomly:

  • 2 or 4 players: 4 customs cards per holder
  • 3, 5 or 6 players: 3 customs cards per holder


Per customs card holder only the city name of the first card is visible, exclusively for the player himself. The order of the cards may not be altered.


Miniature airplane

This plane will be placed on the game board on the city name, mentioned on the upper remaining customs card. Put it back in the box, together with the other remaining customs cards. You don’t need them anymore during this game.


2 dice, 2 checklist cards, 6 colored tokens. (See remark 2.)


III : The first passengers step on the plane


  • If a player has a green boarding card, with the city name where the plane is now, he can place the corresponding group of passengers on the free seats of the plane.
  • Take this boarding card from the holder and put it on a put-away stack.


All passengers travel along with the same plane. There are only 10 seats.


If you play with 2 or 3 players, 2 seats are occupied by unknown travelers. In this case, place the card of 2 passengers, showing an unused color in the plane. These passengers will remain in the plane during the full game. With 4 or more players no seats are permanently occupied.


Determine freely who will start. Then you play clockwise.



IV : Course of a game turn of one player:


1 Fueling, flying and landing (not mandatory)


  • You can fuel by throwing the 2 dice. The sum of the eyes indicates how much kerosene will be fueled. Each eye of the dice stands
  • for 1°°° liter.
  • Add the fuel quantity to the fuel meter.
  • As long as you throw an equal number of eyes on both dice, you can add fuel. The aircraft tank can contain a maximum of 25°°° liter.
  • Provided the plane has enough fuel, you can fly now to a city of your choice and land there.
  • You can pass cities and fly beyond. The fuel consumption is then added.
  • Making stopovers is forbidden.
  • The fuel consumption is indicated on the fuel gauge.
  • The unused fuel remains in the tank and will be available for the next player.


Note :

  • You don’t have to take necessarily any action in the city of your destination (see below)
  • You may make a detour or even fly back and forth on a route, to use up the excess fuel.
  • It is possible that you have too little fuel and that you can’t fly at all.


 2. Ask out loud whether any travelers need to get off or to board.


First, the groups of passengers (of all the players) who are already in the plane and who have this city on their red destination card, get off the plane.

  • The travelers go to the customs office on the game board.
  • Put the red destination card on the put-away stack


Then, every player (the starting player first and clockwise) makes sure that all passengers who have to take off in this city, are boarding.


  • Put the green boarding card on the put-away stack.
  • Place the passengers on the free seats on the game board.
  • Eventually you move the travelers in the plane a little bit to make way for those who get in.
  • If there is not enough place, your passengers can’t get in any longer.



3. Zollkarten “customs cards”


A customs card stacked at the top of a players customs card holder can be used, when the plane has landed at the specified location. (Not required).

So this player may designate in the plane or in the customs office one group of passengers of one opponent and refuse their passport.


The affected player

  • takes the aimed group of travelers back with him.
  • removes the old destination card (if the passengers are still on the plane).
  • takes a new boarding card and also a destination card intending a completely new trip for this group.


The used customs card is put on the stack and cannot be used any longer during this game.


Remark: if a player with a customs card is indicating (too early) a group of travelers, before all passengers have disembarked and boarded, those other passengers can still go out and in the plane.


4. Last minute boarding (the player in turn is still first)


If, by the use of the customs card,  there would be enough space in the airplane again, you can still enter the plane now:


  • if you couldn’t get in before by lack of space
  • if you got by chance a new boarding card of this city as a victim of the customs


Now all passengers who are still in the customs office may be removed from it. You can put them away. Hurray, the trip has been completed.


After this, the next player may refuel.


Remark 1 : When playing with 5 or 6 players, you can limit the game time to the normal period (30’ to 45 ‘) by agreeing that the players should not make the trip with 4 people.


Remark 2 : In the box, you find a token in every color.

You can use it one-time as a wild card to fuel an extra 10°°° liter, but just not in your last round.


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