Looking for a great original gift? A Passaportas in which you and your loved ones take your places among other passengers makes this super game even more fun. You can do it yourself, or you can have us take care of it. We supply the stickers with your own customized photographs so that you yourself can choose who sits where in the plane.


One game comprises 60 characters.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to the webshop and order “Personalization by us” (with or without Passaportas game).

  2. In this case you only have to send us the photographs.

    Send your photographs to personaliseren.passaportas@gmail.com stating the name you ordered under and your order number.

    If the files are too large, you can also send them as attachments to several e-mails. Always state in your e-mail post the total number of photographs you want to send. Don’t worry, we will not start processing everything until we have received all your photographs.

    Should there be several people in one and the same photograph, just tell us who to print. Of course you decide how many photographs you send. But the smaller the number of photographs you send, the more we can print on the sticker sheet (without extra charge).

    N.B.: Please send only photographs with sufficient margin around the heads so that we can take into account any shifting during printing.

    Up to 15 photos   -> 4 prints
    5 to 20 photos   -> 3 prints
    21 to 30 photos   -> 2 prints
    31 to 60 photos   -> 1 print

  3. We will trim your photographs as best we can so that everyone looks good sitting behind the windows on the plane.

  4. We will send you the printed sticker sheet, together with any other products you ordered.




There you go: apply your stickers and you’re ready to play.







And now, just go to the webshop:

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